S VEE Chemicals

AN ISO 9001 :2008
Certified Company




At S VEE Chemicals, Our ambition is to make our name synonymous with business solution for Decorative Paints and construction chemicals which include Interior Emulsion Paints, Exterior Emulsion Paints, Metallic Emulsion, Waterproof Cement Paint, Plastic Emulsion Paint, Acrylic Distemper, Water Thinnable Primmer, Texture Coating Paint, White Cement Based Wall Putty, Pasted Wall Putty, Cement Oxide Colour, Integral Water Proofing Compound, Liquid Waterproof, Floor Hardner, Tile Adhesives, Tile Grouts (Tile Joint Filler), Jointing Compound.

We also deals in Minerals and Chemicals i.e. China Clay Powder, Dolomite Powder, Plaster of Paris (P.O.P.), Titanium , Black Carbon , Rubber Chemicals etc. We understand that the only way to acheive this is to delite our customers with products & services that are at par with international standard. With simplest work, we have been moving ahead in this industry and lines that guide us and understand customers specefic requirment-beyond their spoken needs. View solution with an innovative eye-to create product that redine quality. Efficiency help customer to remain leader in their sphere of activity.


  • Oxide Colour
  • Metallic Emulsion
  • Acrylic Distemper
  • Water Thinable Primer
  • White Cement Based Putty
  • Exterior Emulsion Paint
  • Plastic Emulsion Paint
  • Texture Coating Paint
  • Cement Paint
  • Floor Hardner
  • Tile Grout
  • Tile Fixer Adhesive
  • Water Proof Compound
  • Liquid Water Proof
  • Jointing Compound